About us

Brief History of ASM Company can be described as follows:

ASM Company has been functioning in Azerbaijan since 1996. 

In Y1996 the company started import of various brands of tires and car accessories to Azerbaijan and started reselling through its own shop in Baku, Azerbaijan

In 2000 – ASM was appointed as an official Dealer of Bridgestone Corporation in Azerbaijan and established the first four shops under TEKER ALEMI network chain name.

In 2002 started retailing of Alfa, Banner and Black Horse car batteries

In 2003 started retailing of Elf lubricating oils

In 2004 started importing of GT brand PSR tires

In 2010 started importing of Koryo brand PSR&TBR tires

In 2012 started importing of Goodyear brand PSR and TBR tires